Friday, April 13, 2012

Just Poppin' In..

to say that my trip to Jamaica has come & gone. Snookie Waaaaah.

After all of the arrangements for my PopPop, I left for my trip to Jamaica the next day. Not ideal, but the trip was booked like six months ago. I'll update with pictures when I get around to uploading them onto my computer.

I have to say, spending all this time at home [when I say home, I mean at my dad's house], makes me miss living in PA. I miss being minutes from my friends and family. I can't say that I regret moving to DE, being that I've met people who are extremely important to me. And I'm so thankful for my job. Moving on..

I'm on the Spring Break downslide. I'm so anxious to go back to work, in a good and bad way. Being away for a week with my kids have a sub has seriously stressed me out, especially with the reading portion of The Test being this week. Along with a handful of meetings. Then the math portion next week. Yikes. But I'm excited to see my kids. Maybe they've matured over their spring break.

Maybe not.

So many posts about The Test. Ugh. I've noticed that most of you still do the paper/pencil version of The Test. I'm jealous. We do computer based, which means instant feedback. Which means anxiety attacks for me. Does anyone out there do computer based testing and feel my pain?

Like I said, just popping in. I'll be back with a more substantial update once I get back into the swing of things.


  1. Hi Meg,

    We also just switched over to computer testing last year. I like paper testing better because I feel that there are those kids who feel that it's not as serious because it's on the computer. I have a few of them who click through really quickly..and I'm like NO WAY that you're done?! haha I feel yy girl!

    Teaching in Paradise

    1. Oh.. the "click click click click done" kids. They drive me nuts! And we aren't allowed to say anything to them while they're testing, so I can't say "no, you're not done." Ugh!

  2. My Spring Break is almost over too.

    Thinking of my kids taking the test on the computer makes me break out in hives. We are supposed to within the next 5 years. My kids do not take anything seriously when it's on the computer.

    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher