Monday, January 30, 2012

A Plea

I'm not sure if I'm going to make it to June.

Alright, my bad. I shouldn't have opened up with that. But seriously, I'm exhausted. My class is giving me a run for my money. My grade level has PLC in the afternoons on Mondays of weeks that are a full 5 days.  It's not as confusing as it sounds. While I'm in PLC with my teammates, my students go to two extra specials. Well, by the time I rolled in to pick them up today, two of them landed themselves in the office.

I will take ANY and ALL advice for how to manage this group. I've asked tons of people at school for help, but all I get is sympathy. Which is great. I really appreciate that people feel for what I'm dealing with. But I'm asking for ADVICE!

Here's the sitch: I literally have about 5 kids who are always well behaved. About 10 that are wishywashy on the behavior scale. And 5 that are down right naughty. And by naughty, I mean talking back and being rude to adults, bullying, tons of outbursts, etc. I am required to use the behavior scale of blue-green-yellow-red. Students start on green and move to blue if they go beyond expectations. I use class dojo during independent work, and those points translate to points towards prizes at the school store. I pull my misbehaving friends aside when they misbehave, and I truly do not try to draw extra attention to any situation going on. The students in question do not have parents who are supportive. One parent does not even have a correct phone number on file.

So again, any advice would be lifesaving wonderful!


I got tagged in the fun blogging survey thing that's going around right now by my Holly Bloggy Christmas Partner Bonnie at Living A Wonderful Life!. Are your kids allowed to play tag at school? Mine aren't. No touching at recess. NONE. Because touching obviously leads to tattling. Let's start the party---

1. You must post the rules.
2. Post 12 fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create 12 new questions for the people you tagged.
4. Tag 12 people and link them on your post.
5. Let them know you've tagged them!

1. I have a random collection of baseball cards. They aren't like legit baseball cards though, they are kind of like cardstock? Not sure where I got them, but as a kid, I stored them in a Beethoven lunch box. They are still sitting in my childhood room.
2. I really want to join my city's choir. I've been toying with the idea since I've moved here. But I'm too darn tired. Insert Snookie Waaaaaah.
3. Valentine's Day will be my boyfriend and I's one year anniversary. Awwwhhhh.
4. I have really bad motion sickness. I get super dizzy, which leads to super nauseous.
5. I had Chik-Fil-A for dinner.
6. I'm going to my dad's house on Sunday for his annual Super Bowl Party. I could care less about either team. I could go so far to say I dislike both teams. So, I'll probably sneak into my room and turn on the Puppy Bowl. Anyone else watch it? TOO MUCH CUTE!
7. Today is my little cousin's birthday! She's 10!
8. Pretty sure I've bragged blogged about this, but I'm going to Jamaica for 4 days over my spring break! Yay!!!!
9. And then my kids take the state test 3 days after we return from break. UGHHHH.
10. My favorite subjects to teach are math and science. I would be totally content teaching those all day long!
11. Twelve is such a large number.
12. Did you use to take part in the email surveys when they were popular? Fill out the bazillion questions and email it to all of your friends? How about slam books? Anyone?

And on to Bonnie's questions!

  1. What state do you live in?
    Currently in Delaware, but my heart is in PA!
  2. Do you collect anything?
    Not purposely, but I hoard stuff.
  3. What is your favorite color?
    Hard to choose! Love pinks, oranges, and yellows!
  4. Do you do anything work related on the weekend?
    Sadly, yes. Don't we all, even if we don't intend to?
  5. What is your favorite food?
    Everything that's bad for you. I could eat blue cheese dressing on everything. Good thing I have just a tad bit of self control!
  6. How long is your commute to work?
    About 35 minutes, depending on how many lights I hit.
  7. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?
    Depends how much! Let's pretend it's a billion dollars. First things first, pay my dad back for everything he's provided for me and then some. He deserves the moon. Pay off all debt. Buy a house. Donate to causes that mean a lot to me, such as local animal rescues and education programs in underprivileged countries. 
  8. How do you spend your time when you're relaxing?
    Farmville is my mindless activity.
  9. How many weddings have you been in?
    I was in my mom's second wedding when I was in 7th grade, but I don't really count that. I was MOH in my BFF's wedding in August. That's been the only one!
  10. What is your favorite place you've visited?
    Ireland! I went in '07 with my concert choir in college. Sang in cathedrals and kissed the blarney stone.
  11. If you weren't a teacher, what would you be?
    Probably a nurse or working somehow in a children's hospital.
  12. you have any?  How many do you have/want?
    No kids! I would love to have 3. I'm one of two kids, and I yearn for a bigger family sometimes!

I'll come back to this & tag people & such! I need to search around for some friends who haven't been tagged yet! =)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Modge Podge.

No, not the crafty stuff. Just a modge podge of information in one post.

I have been completely MIA. Remember the impending sinus infection I blogged about? Well it hit me hard, but I taught through it. I had no choice. I feel like I've gotten nothing done curriculum-wise lately.

Pure drama in my room. I have a really tough group of boys this year. Last year I thought I had it bad. Ha! It's worse this year. On top of being sick, last week was rough. Hoping for a smooth start to this week tomorrow!

In other news, around this time every year, my principal hands out a "teacher interest" form so that she can get an idea of what everyone wants to do next year, which is great that she listens to our input! As my first choice, I said I'd like to go down to 2nd grade and hopefully loop. Well today, we had PD, and I wasn't in my third grade group for our stations. I was put with what looked like a second grade group, but with a couple of first grade teachers. So next year, it might be second grade in the first state? We shall see. My work BFF looped last year, and while she had a few tough kiddos, she saw SO much growth. I'm excited to see what next year will bring. It will be my first year as an "experienced" teacher in the eyes of the state!

Sooo, that's it. Felt the need to check in. Gotta get ready for the Bachelor, since I can't record it [still hating comcast]. SO mad I never got to watch last week's episode because of this whole debacle!!

PS. Nooooooo!  Now HEIDI AND SEAL? I'm so sad.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I love impending sinus infections..

My current facebook status: "i love impending sinus infections, comcast, and grading. In no particular order"

Very aware that this [and 95% of my blog posts] are not grammatically correct. I'm okay with it, and I hope that you are, too.

I really hope I'm okay to go in tomorrow. Ugh. I have chronic sinus infections, but when I go to the doctor, they give me antibiotics and send me on my way. I feel like there is an underlying problem. But no one listens to me. Shocker. The doctors must be on the same wave length as my students have been lately.

As for Comcast, let's just say I've been on the phone with them three times tonight, and I still can't watch my DVRed Bachelor. And my cable will probably go out within the hour. I need to go to Comcast and exchange my box. UGH. I know, not a big deal. It's just that my current mood is magnifying this situation. The customer service girl I talked to the second time was so nice. She kept apologizing. I kept saying it's fine. I know it's not her fault that I can't watch Ben. I guess she gets yelled at a lot.

*Side note: Does anyone else read Reality Steve's spoilers of the Bachelor?

And my last gripe is my grading. I don't have a lot to grade. But I hate grading multiplication facts! Over the course of the mult/div unit, I progress monitored the students [not timed] with 100 problems, just to see where they are. Such a pain to grade, but my standards say they need to be fluent! So I want to give them as much practice as possible, both timed and not time.

Anyway, sorry for the downer-ish post! I changed my layout to another free one. Does it look alright on all of your computers? Please let me know if it looks funky so I can fix!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Giveaway Winner & Freebie

Hello everyone!

First-- my giveaway winner. I realized I didn't have number comments, and I googled how to do it. Didn't work. I don't feel like looking up the tutorial that's floating around blogland that would probably work [because all of you teachers are so darn smart!], so I counted up the entries and used the random number generator for numbers 1-37. The winner is.....

Stacey, I'll comment on your blog with the details! Congrats & thank you EVERYONE who participated in my very first giveaway. I love being able to help other teachers out, even though that only puts a DENT into how much you've all helped me!

& next comes the freebie. It is a packet that you can use to guide your students through a compare/contrast writing piece, specifically using transportation. Click HERE to check it out because I can't figure out how link a picture! I need to start buying clip art & stuff to make my freebies cuter! Again, any feedback would be great!

And lastly, a few MORE giveaways to tell you about. Everyone is in SUCH a giving mood lately, it's wonderful!

1. Lindsay is having a giveaway for reaching 200 214 followers!

Alternative Name

2. Janaye is giving away a 3-5 Seuss Pack!

Tales of Frogs & Cupcakes

3. Beth is giving away an awesome picture that she designs. So cute!

4. Adrienne is giving away software that I could reaaaaally use!

Wiggins World

So if you didn't win my giveaway [sorry! blame the number thingy!], go check out those blogs! They are great!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

In My Shoes [Great movie, now a linky!]

Okay. No freebie yet. I'm thinking I'll make it tomorrow while the BF is at the Ravens game & I'm sitting on my couch pretending that I care about said Ravens game.

However, there is a fun linky party going on right now! I've read a few of the entries, and I am FLABBERGASTED, yes, FLABBERGASTED at how early some of these teachers start school. I know high schools usually start pretty early. I think I started at 7:20 when I was in HS, and when I was in elem school, school started at 8:45.

Now, as a teacher, I start at 8:10. I hate mornings [reminder: i am garfield], but I think 8:10 is respectable and fair. Well now, I think 8:10 is a blessing! Good lord, Farley starts at 7:20? Bonnie wakes up at 4:20?!?! You'll see what I'm doing right......................


5:40, 5:50, 6:00
First alarm goes off. Snooze.
Second alarm goes off. Snooze.

Roll out of bed, long shower [i'm a water waster], watch the morning news and relax for about 15 minutes, get ready, roll outttt.

Commute. Blah. My daily dunkin donuts stop is in there, but I'm making a conscious effort not to stop every day and just make my coffee at home. I'm case you're wondering, its not going so well.

Turn on all of my technology, make copies for morning work and the rest of the morning if I hadn't made them yet, straighten up the room

Hear my children barreling down the hall way. I'm all the way at the end.

Whoever is first comes into my room screaming CAN I HAVE DOG OF THE DAY?! let me explain. last Christmas, my sister gave me this daily pull of calendar
Well, last year the kids liked it SO much, so I left it out on my desk and continue with it for the rest of 2011. Well, I asked my sister for the 2012 edition. She delivered. So they still do it. Is it obnoxious? Yes. Should I control this using some kind of management technique? Yes. But I don't. Maybe next year?

The kids are working on their morning worksheet. I make it two sided to keep them occupied. If it is Monday, then they are copying their homework for the week. When they finish this, they are to read independently and take Reading Counts quizzes. But they usually just get into squabbles and tattle. A few times a week I use Class Dojo during this time to keep the crowd at bay and accountable.

Live morning announcements. We broadcast the announcements from the library with our school social worker as the normal host, and a teacher guest. You can sign up to be on the announcements. I try to sign up once a month. If you go on the morning announcements, you can bring a few students with you. The students come up with a "morning movement" for the school to do to go along with our PEP grant. On another note, announcements are supposed to begin at 8:35, but never do.

Writing block. We are usually working on grammar or are somewhere within the writing process. This week we are going to start a compare/contrast piece. I really want to revamp my writing program, because it is totally lacking in depth.

Math RTI time. Our students are broken up according to their ability DCAS test score. Each teacher/paraprofessional has been assigned a topic to teach, as the students rotate through the stations, spending about a week at each. For the sake of length, I won't get into it fully right now. But last rotation I taught multiplication, and this rotation I'm teaching division. Any cute ideas/activities, PLEASE send them my way! ESPECIALLY higher leveled activities for my above leveled groups!

Reading RTI time. Same as math, but they are broken up by their DCAS reading score. My topic is compare/contrast, and right now we are contrasting Lon Po Po to the American version of Little Red Riding Hood. Good times.

YAY! I made it to my planning time! Students are on a 6 day rotation, either going to library, computers, counseling, PE, music, or art. I'm sitting in a meeting, making copies, or trying to straighten up from whatever destruction happened in my room earlier.

I drag myself to pick up my kiddos. We come back to do centers. My centers are new for me this year. No one else on my team does them, but I feel like everyone in blogland does. So I tried them and I love them and other people want to see me do them. Yay! My centers are kind of, not really like Daily 5, but I used that as a jumping off point.

Reading block. I'm either teaching from our reading series or teaching important skills or doing Making Meaning. As I've said before, our reading block is crazy right now with all the different programs, different expectations, lack of materials going on right now. But we do our best.

Lunch. Everyone other week I have lunch duty. Whenever I don't have lunch duty, I have recess duty.

Either finish up something we were working on in Reading or do a read aloud.


We are working on fact fluency. Students can either work alone or with a partner to practice whatever multiplication fact that they are on. I test weekly, and if they pass [30 problems in 2 minutes] they move on to the next number. We're doing this for the rest of the year, even though we just finished our mult/div unit.

Math block. We're starting our data unit on Monday. Our students are pretty good with data, so hopefully this unit will go by in a flash and we can get started with fractions! dun dun dunnnn.

Science/SS. My class and the classroom across the hall switch for this. I teach Science to both classes using FOSS science kits. I love it because all of the materials and lessons are there for you. All I have to do is write my lesson plans in our format. I choose to supplement, but you really don't have to. I'm so happy I don't have to teach social studies. I really can't get into it, but I would make do if I had to.

I check their daily planners for signatures, students sign my homework bingo board if they did their homework, and we wrap up our day.

I walk my students who walk home out the door, and I take my car riders to the cafeteria. Teachers wait with them until they are picked up. If they aren't picked up by 3:35, they go to the office to wait.

After that it depends on the day. I normally try to pry myself out of my room by 4:30, but I've been known to stay until 5 a few times a week. Then its another 40 minute drive home.


Well that's it! Go over and visit Katie and link up! It's her first linky! =)

[[[My giveaway ends Sunday around 5pm, so go enter if you haven't already!]]]


Hey all.

So, I'm freezing.

We've been SO spoiled around here in regards to the weather. Now that its in the thirties in the middle of the day, I can't stop complaining about it. And I refuse to leave my apartment. But I need to go food shopping. It's like Sophie's Choice.

Anyway, thank you to Kelly at Fabulous in Fourth for awarding me with the Versatile Blog award. I actually just received this award, but no one would know it because I have to figure out how to put it in my sidebar. But as soon as I post this, I'm going to go figure it out. So thanks Kelly! & click HERE for my response to that award!

Reminder that there is just over 24 hours left in my giveaway. $25 to TPT! And there are only 25 entries right now! Click HERE to enter!

Some more giveaways to check out as well!

Chrissy at Buzzing with Ms. B is giving away a valentine's day product!
Growing up Teaching is having a giveaway that ends tomorrow. HURRY!
Made in the Shade in 2nd grade is giving away a giftcard!

So, I'm going to get back to watching HIMYM reruns. I'm going to forewarn you that I plan on posting another freebie later [I'm on a roll!], so I'll be posting twice in a day. I honestly don't know why its such a big deal, especially if both posts are awesome [check].

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Big News, people!

It's official! I have a TPT store!

It is fully stocked [with one item!]

SO, in celebration--> You can get a bonus entry in my giveaway by following my TPT store! Let's get that followers number above 0! This probably sounds SO lame to the people who have stores and sell stuff and make actual money from it. Hopefully I'll get there!

My giveaway that is going on is for $25 to Teachers Pay Teachers! I know I'd love to win that, so hopefully you do, too! GO ENTER! There are less than 15 entries right now. I'm no mathematician [welll, kinda], but your odds are pretty good, right!?

Sorry I'm hopping all over the place in this post!

Back to my freebie! The item I just posted is a set of task cards for third graders to practice multiplication and division skills. Each card hits on a different skill or application of a skill. I would SUPER DOOPER appreciate it if you lovely followers of mine could go take a look at it, even if you don't plan on using it. Just because it's my first document, I'd really benefit from feedback about the description, the document itself, etc. I know we are all crazy busy, but if you have a sec I'd totally appreciate it!!

The freebie includes 10 cards and a recording sheet.

a preview of one of ten cards

***ANOTHER QUESTION: How do you make the cute little graphics so that people can kind of preview your freebie. Ya know, with like tiny images of the pages?

So to summarize this post [oh learning focused strategies, how you've taken over my life!]
1. Check out my freebie at my TPT store by clicking HERE!
2. Enter my give away by clicking HERE. It ends on Sunday!
3. Earn a bonus entry by following my TPT store & commenting about it!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Two Posts in a Day.. Sorry, but....

I am furious!

My hometown and surrounding area news announced yesterday that they are closing 49 Catholic school after the end of this school year. 44 elementary schools + 5 high schools = FORTY NINE SCHOOLS.

I understand that money is involved, and I won't pretend that I am fully educated on this subject. However, I just don't get it. My heart breaks for the thousands of students who are being uprooted. For the parents who will have to drive an hour to the next closest Catholic school to bring their children. In some cases, schools with highly successful academics, sports, programs, etc. are being closed, while schools without these programs, or even gyms, remain open. What? Again, I really don't know. If you have the answers, speak up!

What about the students? Class sizes at the other schools will be through the roof. The schools that I've visited don't have extra space for new classrooms to accomodate new classrooms/homerooms.
What about the teachers? So many lost jobs, when it is already close to impossible to find one.
What about the families? Will they be forced to public school their kids if their personal circumstances don't allow a switch for next year?

[[[I'll add that I have been public schooled since first grade, so this doesn't affect me directly. My dad's elementary school and high school were both on the closed list.]]]

END OF RANT! Sorry, I needed to vent to a crowd who will at least possibly kind of maybe feel my frustration!

Link up with Farley for her January currently! There's a giveaway tied into this one!

& don't forget to enter my giveaway for 25 bucks to TpT!


Hey guys. It's Sunday. Whomppp whompppp. Anyone watch SNL with Rachel Dratch as Debbie Downer. Seriously gets me every time. That, and anything with Kristen Wiig. [why are there two "i" in her last name?] I wish SNL was still funny.

OH GOODNESS. This is not starting off very exciting!

I bring you two things, my faithful friends!

1. A freebie!
2. My 50 follower GIVEAWAY!

Let's go back to number one, my freebie. Do any of you use the Making Meaning program in your classroom? In my classroom, we use it as a supplement. It basically teaches skills through trade book read alouds and a response book. [which is why I use it as a supplement] This is only my first year using it, and I'm no expert, but I do LOVE the literature.

Which brings me to my freebie. We just finished up inferences about a character and how a character can change in a story.

The text used is Julius: Baby of the World by Kevin Henkes. I LOVE him, and I LOVE Lilly! So I whipped up a graphic organizer to go along with the text to extend it a bit. Then, the students needed to write a response to the text using the graphic organizer. Anyway, no clue if you can use it or not. But I made it, so I'll share!

Julius Go



Onto my second reason for posting! Maybe I should have made this into its own post, but oh well. So I was thinking about what kind of giveaway to do. I decided on...

$25 to Teachers Pay Teachers

And here is why: ::gasp:: I've never made a purchase from TPT, and if I won a giveaway for it, it would totally give me a jump start. So, if you're out there and haven't purchased anything from there either, here's your chance to get started! And even if you're a regular on TpT [as the hipsters call it], 25 bucks is useful, right?

Here's how to enter!

1. Leave a comment on this post letting me know that you follow my blog! [include your email/blog link!]
2. Blog about my giveaway & leave a comment that you did just that! [include your email/blog link!]

You saw the beginnings of a numbered list, and thought there'd be multiple ways to enter, right? Nope, just those two! Feel free to just follow me, just blog about the giveaway, both, or neither. I'm not the pushy type!

***Giveaway ends on Sunday [January 15th] at 5pm!***
[this is because the Ravens will be playing and the boyfriend won't be around to entertain me. perfect opportunity to choose a winner using the random number thingy!]

I'm being honest, I know I'm not the blogger that puts out the most freebies, or leaves the most comments, or uses the most wit, but I TRULY appreciate the 57 [at time of print] of you that follow my blog, leave encouraging comments, etc. They have kept me going through this rough year!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


I'm feeling antsy. Can't bring myself to go to bed, even though its approaching 11pm.

Cranky Meg tomorrow.
Extra large coffee Meg tomorrow.

On another note, I had a random 2 hour delay today. Trust me, Garfield here isn't complaining. [side bar-- the BF calls me this because I love lasagna and sleep, and I hate Mondays. I assume it's a term of endearment.] There was seriously a dusting of snow on the ground when I crawled out of bed to answer my phone & look out the window. I mean, I know I live about a half an hour north of where I teach, but I can't imagine it being much worse there. Anyway, I showered, got ready, & went to school at regular time to be productive. Haha, yeah right. I rolled over and reset the alarm. [Reminder: Garfield] Got to work later on and the parking lot was full. I guess most of my colleagues were feeling ambitious. I justify this by staying at work later than most every day!

I'm WAY off track here! I NEED to respond to the awards I've been given. I need to express that this has been a great week for me in the world that is blogging. I've surpassed 50 follows & received my first awards! At first, I was all "whatevvvv" about having followers. But recently, I've been so flattered that people are following me. I hope that in the future [near future, I have a few 3 day weekends coming up], that I can post materials that I've been making. I hope that others can benefit from my materials like I benefit from theirs. Oh shucks, I'm getting all sentimental. Let's get on with it!

1. Show your appreciation to the blogger who nominated you by linking back to their blog.

I was given this award by Amber at Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher and Chrissy at Buzzing with Ms. B! Click their blog names to venture over. Just from reading their blogs, I feel like I know them! I feel like Amber and I have similar personalities/teaching styles. And Chrissy makes me laugh with every post. Thanks for being great, ladies!

2. Nominate five baby blogs of 200 followers or less by posting a comment on their blog.

I know this award made its way around blog world. I noticed a ton of people receiving it when I first started [when I had like 3 followers, which were probably following me by accident]. So if my nominees have already gotten it & responded to it, you won't hurt my feelings if you don't post it, scouts honor! [& Some of you might have a little more than 200 followers. I guess all the blogs I follow are very popular already!] If you haven't already, check them out!

The Teaching Thief

3. Post the award on your blog.

It's up there fool.

4. Encourage others to check out these blogs.

I'm too tired to encourage. Look at those cutie pie buttons/blog names How can you resist!


PHEW. Maybe this was a little ambitious for an 11pm post. But I tread on!

Next, I was given this...

1. Thank the person who presented the award to you and link back to them.

Thank you SO much Elisabeth at Twins, Teaching, and Tacos. Now, I don't have twins, but I love teaching and tacos. It was actually taco day at lunch. I give a fist pump when the announcements say the following lunch  items: tacos, cheese sticks, and broccoli and cheese soup. And now my kids fist pump with me. Even if they don't like these food items. Haha, whatever I can do to foster the excitement. Or act like an idiot. Anyway, go check her out! I love reading her blog!

2. Tell seven things about yourself.

            1. Naming [insert number here] things about myself brings me back to my sorority days. I poured my heart and soul into Zeta Tau Alpha while in college. It taught me so much, and I miss everything that goes along with it. I'd like to join an alumna chapter once I get settled somewhere!
            2. I'm an animal foster mom! I'm a huge advocate for adopting, spaying/neutering, etc. If I didn't work with kids, I'd want to work with animals.
            3. I am one of two teachers in my building who is not married. & my other one is in a LTR on the way to a ring. Yeah, I feel very behind on life experience!
            4. My sink is dripping right now. The outlet in my bathroom doesn't work. I hate living in an apartment and having to call maintenance. Because I'd probably screw it up more trying to fix these things myself.
            5. I've been hardcore craving pizza lately. Not good. Because I need to work on my beach bod. Becauseee.....
            6. I'm going to Jamaica over spring break with the boyfriend! Stoked!
            7. I'm struggling to decide what to get my masters degree in. I've wanted to be a guidance counselor my whole life. But with so many cuts going on, many counseling jobs are hanging in the balance. I hate for that to change my decision, but hey, broke chick has to be practical!

3. Pass this on to 15 newly discovered blogs and let them know they've received the award.

Same goes with the last award. If you've received it, no need to repost & such! & I don't know if these are new blogs, but they are faves to me! And sorry I crossed out the 15. I'm getting tired & don't know if I'll make it that far! Plus, so many people have already gotten it! Sorry-- I'm a rule breaker.


Juice Boxes and Crayolas


Okay. Longest. Post. Ever. I'll comment to all of you chickadees tomorrow bestowing these awards upon you. Aaaandd, now its midnight. Tomorrow morning isn't going to be pretty. Night!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The title says it all.

At least tomorrow is already Thursday.

I hit 50 followers! Giveaway [& an actual post] coming soon.

But let's be honest, my kids have sucked the life out of me the past two days.

So, will you take a raincheck?

See you this weekend!