Friday, February 13, 2015

Teacher In Search Of Clip Art!

Popping in real quick for a request for some help!

I am working on a product that centers around Greek and Latin roots.

It is a vocabulary center that students visit once a week in my classroom during reading center rotations. Each week, students learn a new root and 5-6 corresponding words. Students complete a vocabulary model where they write the definition, a sentence, and an illustration for each word. Then, they complete a "skill check" where they use the words in context.

My students LOVE this center. It makes them feel so successful when they find a word in their reading and are able to figure out its meaning based on a root (or "chunk" as we sometimes call it!). They feel like big kids! Anddddd, it makes their dear teacher happy when I walk around while they are taking their STAR test and see them apply their learning!

I am really excited to share this product because it it working so well in my classroom. Right now, I'm making the product as I go, adding a new root each week. Over spring break, I'd like to finish it and make it available on TPT.

Anyway, the real reason for this post is that I am in search of a clip art set that would include the images I would need to jazz up the product a little bit. I'm looking for a set that has simple images for the most popular Greek/Latin roots. For example, a gavel for "leg," a camera for "photo," and a water droplet for "aqua." Get the gist?

Maybe you know of a set that would fit the bill? Or you know of a clip art artist who takes requests? Please comment! If your suggestion leads to me finding what I need, I will send you a free copy of the product when it is finished!

Thanks in advance!


  1. Laine from "A Little Peace of Africa" is such a sweet gal. She may be able to help. Here is her store which has a link to her blog: Good luck and sounds like a wonderful unit!

  2. Also, Ashley Hughes has a CVC word bundle with a leg in it here:
    She has some cute cameras too: or some really jazzy cameras from Educasong: or here are some cameras for only $1 or Erin Bradley Designs has some great B&W camers: Sorry, am a total clipart addict!!

    1. LOL, I am, too! Thank you for your suggestions!

  3. Mel from Graphics from the Pond takes requests sometimes. Also, Creative Clips may be able to help.