Sunday, September 25, 2011

Um, ANOTHER awesome giveaway!

Denise at Sunny Days is having a giveaway! Seriously, once I have more followers, I'd love to do a fun giveaway! They are just so darn exciting! Anyway, I always read about bloggers finding great stuff at Dollar Stores. However, I have the worst luck when it comes to this. I never find anything worthwhile. Maybe Delaware dollar stores aren't stocked with such awesome-ness?

Anyway, I SO hope I win this giveaway. BUT, I also rarely win things! I've won a contest ONCE. I was driving home from work [during the summers, I used to work as an art teacher at a camp], and I was stuck in traffic. They were giving away Kenny Chesney tickets, and I was stuck in traffic. Naturally, I called in, hitting redial about, hm, 10 times. Well, the rest is history. This was in 2009. So I'm due for some good luck!

Thanks Denise for an awesome giveaway!

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