Friday, July 27, 2012

The Blah Blah Blog

Okay.. so in my last post, I was having an argument with Blogger/Gimp. Well, I think I figured it out! But I need to put it to the ultimate test.

So I bring you..

Third Grade in the First State

Because I'm just starting out, I just made a new blog so that I can test run my designs. All computers and browsers are different, and I want to make sure that a design that I've customized looks normal on all computers, not just my little old Mac.

So, I'm asking a favor! Can you, my lovely readers, go check out my new blog? And then leave a comment here [or there, I guess it doesn't matter] letting me know if anything looks funky or needs to be tweaked? My main concern is the background, which is what was really confusing me. Can you see the different layers? The outer-most layer should be vertical, wavy lines. Next should be polka dots, followed by a teal paper with tan lines. I just want to make sure nothing is covered up and everything is the right size!

UPDATE: Thank you for your feedback! I'll be changing my Blah Blah Blog whenever I make a new background, so it probably won't look like the description above anymore. =)

Thanks in advance for humoring me!

And, for the record.. Let's get real, I'm probably never going to turn this into a profitable thing. There are too many power houses out there who do a great job, and honestly, I don't think I could ever compete. But now that I've kind of got the hang of it, it'll be nice to be able to change my layout whenever I want!

As for the personal life-- here's the deal. My boyfriend and I, of almost two years, ended things. On my birthday weekend. So it just wasn't a good situation. I'll get through it, with the help of my friends, family, and some healthy distraction [e.g.blogging]. Thank for the kind comments. =)


  1. Oh girl, let me just say that I feel you about the boyfriend thing. My birthday is March 25, and my boyfriend broke up with me last year on April 2nd - so pretty close. I wanted to punch my birthday present in the face! We are back together now but who knows for how long..... so I understand. Let me know if you need anything!!

    On your tester blog, I think I see what you are describing... haha.

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. Your tester blog is the same as this one on my screen!

    As for the boyfriend thing, can't help you there. Think I've been married too long to remember. Ha, wait. I don't remember break ups so maybe that's my advice... one day you won't even remember it or will remember it and it won't even bother you. My view has always been to think about yourself not because others won't be there for you but sometimes no one can. Forge ahead, Carpe Diem.

  3. I see the polka-dots and the teal paper with the tan lines (the polka-dots are on the teal paper also). I don't see the outer most layer with the wavy vertical lines. I have a Mac, maybe that's why.

    In my opinion, your boyfriend didn't deserve you. The right one will come along, and there won't be a doubt in your mind he's the one for you. That's actually the way it happened to me and we've been married for 18 years now!


  4. I checked out the tester blog and saw the polka dots behind the teal background. If you're not thinking about doing this for profit, then maybe you could consider sharing some tutorials on your blog. I would love to learn how to make my own blog designs, but haven't found enough tutorials out there.

    Sorry to hear about you and your boyfriend. I agree with the above comments - he didn't deserve you and the right one will come along.

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County