Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday Made It!

As promised in my last post, I am back with what I made this week.

Before I roll with that, a few several things of note I'd like to share!

I've made an email address for my blog. You can now reach me at! I've changed my email icon's link on my right sidebar to reflect this. This is so much better than having a bunch of stuff sent to my personal email.

I'm almost at 10,000 page views! Seems pretty insufficient compared to friends with hundreds of thousands of views, but I'm happy! I didn't start this blog in search of bazillions of follower/page views, and I still feel the same. I'm just happy people like what I write and the few things I've shared. I'm still not in school mode, and I'm not going to force it. I hope to start sharing some school things in August!

Speaking of followers, I'm less than 20 peeps from 200! And my blog-a-versary is about a month away! I would love to reach 200 followers and 10,000 page views by August 9th! We could have a celebration!

I got a new cell phone. I'm reaaaaally resistant to new cell phones. I am not the kind of person who upgrades as soon as its available or as soon as something new comes out. I use cell phones until they break. Actually, I use cell phones weeks after they break and I'm out of denial. It was so bad that when my last one broke [my favoritest cell phone, a samsung slide phone. See? I don't even know what the name of it was.], I borrowed my boyfriends old blackberry because I wasn't ready to commit to a new one! Ay yi yi. I'm the same way with laptops. I have no patience! Well, here's what I have now!

Samsun Galaxy Skyrocket 2 [or something like that]

I actually like it! It is my first smart phone! And first real touch screen! Does anyone else have it? Anyone have any suggestions on fun apps I can download!?

Last thing, I finally ordered my teacher's toolbox from Amazon! I really want to have this made by next week's Monday Made It! Let's see if I can make it happen!

Alright, now that you've listened to me jibber jabber, here's my Made It! Lots of people have made these birthday balloons, but I thought they were really cute and practical.

To make these, I printed my template on colored paper and cut it out. I glued the front onto a piece of pretty cardstock, then cut around the cardstock so it is more like a border. I flipped it over and glued the back. [On the back, I will write a student's name and their birthday.] I used ribbon to tie the balloon to the pretty straw [pack of 20 for $2 in Target's party section!], and reinforced it with a dab of glue! Ba-da-bing, you're finished!

Feel free to grab my template below! I usually used Scribd, but I'm trying google docs. If this doesn't work, let me know and I'll fix! =) The birthday graphic is KPM doodles.


  1. For some reason, when I get a new phone, I always feel really guilty not using the old one anymore. I don't know why... maybe it's Toy Story syndrome or something, haha!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. Super cute birthday straws! Those straws are really cute. Haven't seen them:)) Thanks for linking up:) Hope you toolbox comes in in time for you to link up next week:)))

    4th Grade Frolics

  3. Love the straws! Very cute balloons.

  4. I think this is such a sweet idea. I think my students would feel so special to receive a birthday balloon. I had no problem downloading- Thank you!

  5. I love your balloons. How cute! You also found really cute straws. I just blogged about birthday gifts for next year also. I am pinning this idea away for the following year! :) Thanks for sharing

    Delighted in Second
    Hope you will join my $20 TPT gift certificate giveaway!