Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day Battle Wounds

I have battle wounds!

I wish I had the energy to post about my first day back with my kids.

I really do.

But right now, all I've got for you is the fact that is looks like I've been beaten up. Hot mess status at the end of the day, people!

Here's the run down.

HUGE paper/cardboard cut on my finger. No clue how it got there.

Toe nail issue. One of my chick-a-dees came charging up to me at recess and kicked my foot in an awkward way. Ouch.

WAAY Frizzy hair. Because I'm team teaching, I have a "duty" in the morning. This week, I'm lucky enough to I have outside morning duty. It was so muggy! We also changed dismissal, so we have to wait outside with our kids until they get picked up. I looked disgusting by 3:40!

And my cute nail polish has mysteriously chipped off of one finger. Wah.

So hopefully, I can stay in one piece the rest of the week, and I'll post something of substance over my four day weekend!

How was your first day of school?


  1. Well, at least you have a four day weekend to look forward to :)

  2. I had hair issues this morning too because of car duty.... and we had back to school night!! Ugh, feeling your pain. Hope tomorrow is better!

    Following Optimism in 2nd Grade

  3. lol...oh my...poor you. Hope you are able to survive tomorrow!