Monday, October 15, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

Okay, I need to deviate from the regularly scheduled teaching programming to bring you two of my guilty pleasure blogs that I follow.

Okay, everything that gets posted on here, I hardcore belly laugh. Warning, they are not always appropriate. But for the most part, they are just hilarious. The posts have a title, and within the post is a video gif clip that goes along with it. Okay. I don't think I'm explaining it right. Please just go. You won't be disappointed! Here is a screenshot, but click it for the moving gif. It is so much funnier!

Ya'll know I'm a dog lover. This blog showcases dogs, along with bad deeds and guilty faces. Oh my. Again, I belly laugh. Perfect for a rough day. Again, I stink at explaining things. Go look!

Quick note, I posted a new product to my TPT store yesterday. I use these cards at my partner reading station to enhance discussion and guide focus when they are finished reading. Last year, before my TPT days, I just wrote this questions on index cards. This year, I made them adorbz, laminated, and placed for sale! This is a bundled set, and I will be separating the fiction and nonfiction into separate sets soon. Here is a preview. Click HERE to visit my store and find out more info!

If you purchase, please leave feedback. And if you leave less than a 4.0, please tell me why! Just like students, we can't get better without specific feedback to make our products better.

I'm off to continue watching DWTS and listen to the rain fall here in DE.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dog shaming website. Funniest thing ever. Makes me realize my dogs aren't so naughty!


    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  2. I LOVE both of these websites. Hahaha you are awesome!

    Also! You have been "boo"-ed. Check out my blog post here

    Fourth Grade Lemonade