Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Darling, Sandra Dee..

Welp, I'm coming to you live from where Hurricane Sandy is expected to make a direct hit in the next few days. I got the call a few hours ago that I do not have school tomorrow or Tuesday. My first grad class of the block is cancelled tomorrow night. According to the news, it is pretty much inevitable that the power is going to go out, and I am petrified! I'm on the second story of an apartment, so I'm not worried about the rain. I'm a little scared of the wind, but it's not even that! Just worried about having to sit in the dark. I was thinking about traveling home to PA to stay at my dad's until Tuesday, but decided against it. Kind of regretting that now due to the newscasters scaring me!

I know. I am pathetic!

Anyway, I wanted to quickly post [again] about a new product that I posted in my TPT store last week. 

[Is it obvious that I'm trying to keep my mind off of the impending doom?]

In my classroom, we do reading centers. It is kind of like the daily 5, but not really. Each day, the students visit two centers that we have scheduled for them. One of the centers is "Read to Someone." This just involves the group of 3-4 students going to the carpet and reading an assigned story from the reading anthology. [This is really the only way we are integrating the weekly stories this year, and it is for pure convenience purposes.] By the end of the week, each student is assigned to each center once, with the exception of "meet with teacher" centers for the below level groups.

After the students are finished reading, they are expected to discuss what they have read. Last year, I wrote these questions on index cards and put them together with a binder ring. This year, I had to make them a little cuter!

This product includes a set of fiction cards and a set of nonfiction cards. It also includes a few blanks, in case there are more specific questions that you would like your students to discuss. I've also included an optional response sheet, where the students are to choose three of the cards and write their responses. I do not use this in my classroom, but I thought it might be helpful. I plan on splitting the fiction and nonfiction sets in my TPT store in case you'd only like one or the other. 

Maybe tomorrow if I don't end up powerless?

Click HERE to see the product in my TPT store! 
[Clip art is by MareeTrueLove. Loooove her stuff!]

Would you like a free set? Leave me a comment with your email address [I'd really appreciate it if you were a follower!], and let me know how you'd use these cards in your classroom. I'll choose a winner or two sometime tomorrow, pending the power situation! =)

Are any of you being affected by Sandy?
If so, stay safe!


  1. I pray that you stay safe.

  2. First, my prayers are with you. I'm in Florida and know that feeling well.

    I would definitely use the cards during my center time, probably very close to how you're using them. With common core, our basal reader isn't as important as it used to be (well, at least to the higher ups). I personally think it's still very relevant to learning. I'm a follower!

    My thoughts and prayers will be with you until Sandy is history.

  3. Good Luck with Sandy! She's expected to land up here late Monday night/Tuesday morning.

    Those are great! I would use them in our Literacy Rotations, or have the kids use them to hold them accountable for their individual reading.

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

    1. Whoops, she's hitting early! They've canceled school for tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have power to enjoy it!

      :) Kaitlyn
      Smiles and Sunshine

  4. Will be thinking about you during the storm. I wouldn't like the idea of sitting in the dark either. Praying it will only be a short amount of time and that it seems to go quickly for you.