Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Oh me, oh my..

Well, hello and goodbye November. I'm with the rest of you! Where has this month gone? Between storm days, professional development, and holidays, I feel like I haven't been in my classroom. 

Well, I really haven't actually.

I had a professional development today, which was held in the building, and it was related to data teams and PLCs. I won't get into the details. But I will say one thing.

I missed my kids!

They waved to me as they walked by the conference room from special. They hugged me when I was out in the hallway on a break and they were on their way back from lunch. I felt like such a sap.

Anyway, nothing of too much relevance to post about today. Sorry for my MIA-ness and lack of legit posts. I'm not forcing myself to blog, just when I feel like it. So thanks for sticking with me during this prolonged feeling of being uninspired. =)

But hey, how about a currently? Better late than never.

Listening: Can't get enough HIMYM. Thank goodness I can DVR the new ones with my class being on Mondays!
Loving: Am I the only one who loves Christmas music. I turn up the radio just a little louder during the holiday season.
Thinking: The personal life has been looking up lately. =)
Wanting: See ramblings at beginning of post. I want to do what I do best, teach my chick-a-dees!
Needing: So. Much. To. Do.
Music: I don't really play music during transitions or anything, but I do a lot of singing. Not relevant songs about content or anything. No, I just sing directions. Or compliments. Or reminders.

C'mon. "Boys and girls, please focus!" sounds a lot better when sung in an opera voice, no? =)


  1. Love it! I agree about having more time in the day!! That would be amazing! =)

  2. I love listening to Christmas music. It is always wonderful to hear. I am with on needing a few more hours in the day too.

    KinderKids Fun

  3. I love the Christmas music. Favorite time of the year! The music always puts me in a great mood with a BIG smile!!