Thursday, June 18, 2015

Freebie Makeover

Things are a little crazy around these parts due to my new job and moving out of my classroom. So while I am not taking part in the whole TPT challenge (it is wayyyy too involved!), I was inspired to make over one of my free products.

That's pretty depressing, no? No cover. No directions. Tons of downloads, but only 2 ratings. Since I posted that freebie ages ago, I've made a few more variations that ease my students into more difficult concepts. The layout stays the same, but different elements are replaced each time. Some elements stay, such as the fact family triangle, because it is versatile. In the first marking period, I do addition/subtraction. After that, I start with simple multiplication, working my way up to more difficult numbers.

Here is the cover update!

 calendar math

Now, the download includes three calendar math templates and a suggested use page. Muuuuuch better! Click the cover page to head over to TPT and check out how I incorporate calendar math!

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