Monday, August 3, 2015

Assess Me Linky: Week Two

I'm back to link up with The Tattooed Teacher for week two of the assess me linky! 

Let me explain!

You'll never catch me in a skirt! I'm a pants kind of girl for work & jeans kind of girl for dress down.

For someone who's had many different piercings, I don't really wear earrings anymore. I've had several ear piercings, including two in each lobe, my tragus, rook, and industrial. For professional reasons, I decided to let my tragus and industrial close up a few years ago. I rarely, if ever, wear any earrings in my lobes, but my rook stays in. Choosing necklace was even tough, because I'm not much of a jewelry person anyway, but at times I'll grab something to coordinate with an outfit.

I'm kind of a master at late 90s, early 2000s rap. NBD.

Like I said, not much of a jewelry person. But with the stuff I do wear, I don't discriminate!

I was born & raised in the suburbs. I love being close enough to the city (most preferably Philly!) to come and go as I please, but be able to come home to my neighborhood.

I prefer to buy clothes/shoes in store, but everything else online.

Definitely shower. I can't even tell you the last time I got in a bath. Yuck.

Ya know the people at work who you know EVERYTHING about, including their drama. That's not me. I'm pretty private.

I'm a homebody, but I like to keep myself busy enough to not be bored!

Let's be real. Unless its a work day, I'm not even up in time for breakfast. But I do love breakfast food!

Iced coffee, please!

This post is being typed at 1:15 AM. Also, I've been called Garfield. I hate mornings!

I'm a low maintenance gal.

I love the sound of rain, but I can do without the thunder and lightning!

Heels are my nemesis. I wear them if necessary, like for weddings and class picture day. =)

I have great memories taking the train. I frequented the train in and around Philly when I lived closer. I've done NYC and DC by train. I've done Colorado to Utah on a gorgeous ride. I love the dining cars on long rides and just the whole feel!

I love Girls! However, I don't have HBO, so I wait until Comcast has their free weekend on demand and watch the entire season in one weekend. #noshame

I'm an indoor person, but if the weather is right I love the park! I've only been to Central Park once, though.

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P.S. My store is all ready for the big B2S sale on TPT. I've recently updated a few of my free and paid products.

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  1. I love breakfast food! Most of the time breakfast food is served for dinner at our house. Breakfast in our house usually consists of something simple and easy so we can get on our way.

  2. Showers are so much faster too!! hehehe