About Me

Welcome to From Classroom To Counselor!

(formerly Third Grade in the First State. you aren't lost!)

My name is Meg, I am in my twenties, and I am an elementary school counselor in the first state, which is Delaware! I joined the teacher blogging community, both as a reader and a blogger, in August of 2011. My passions outside of teaching include animals, country music, and Phillies baseball.

Elementary Education (K-6)
Midlevel Mathematics (7-9)
Midlevel English/Language Arts (7-9)
Elementary School Counselor (K-8)

Teaching Experience
2009-2010: K-3 Writing Specialist
2010-2012: Third Grade (General Ed.)
2012-2014: Third Grade (Special Ed. TAM)
2014-2015: Third Grade (Gifted/Talented)

Counseling Experience
2015-present: Elementary School Counselor (K-5)

I hope that you find something useful here! Please feel free to comment with any feedback, and please leave your blog name and address! I love finding new, quality blogs to follow and learn from.