Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yo! Check out Class Dojo!

I've seen tons of bloggers out there blog about Class Dojo! It is a classroom management tool where you can award and deduct points based on behaviors. The site has behaviors already in place, but you can add your own. Positive behaviors already include hard work, participation, and following directions. Negative ones include disrespect and out of seat. I added calling out, which is a huge issue in my room!

Each student has their own avatar, which is a critter or monster. [This image is not my class; it is from Google Images!] Their avatar has their name next to it, and all of you students can be seen on your Smartboard. Click on their name, click on the behavior, and it adjusts the point total. Easy! There is a sound option, but i opted out of that. The kiddos' eyes were already glued on the board every time they heard me tap it, so the sound probably would have been more distracting!

And, you can print your data at the end of the day if you'd like. If your school is as hooked on data as mine is, this is an awesome tool.

At the end of the day, I gave the students their point amount in train ticket punches. In a previous post, I explained that we use train tickets in our PBS system. Each train ticket has 20 points, and a full card can be traded in for prizes and entry into PBS events.

So tell me, have you used Class Dojo? Am I missing any fun features that would be beneficial? I'm thinking about ways to use it, and I don't think I could use it everyday. My thought is that it would lose its effect if used too often.

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  1. Don't you love it!!!! My kids are transformed!