Monday, December 19, 2011

Things that shouldn't happen.

Today was insane. It can be summed up with this story:

We are very fortunate to receive fresh fruits/veggies from a grant a few times a week.

Today was mini carrots.

We took a few moments to enjoy this snack [with ranch, taking the health out of it].

Not one, but TWO of my kids begin to SHARPEN their  mini carrots with their [banned from my room] handheld pencil sharpeners.

Obviously they got ratted out.

Most of my kids have my back.

Not sure what the next three days will bring me. I'm unexplainably jealous of those of you who finished up on Friday.


In other news, gotta link up with Farley! I'll have you know that I skimmed looked through all the other entries to try to make sure I picked a blog that no one else is stalking. So I TRIED to follow the rules. My B if I did not! =)


Last but not least, there are some fun giveaways going on right now! Go check them out!

1. Lisa at Live, Laugh, Love to Learn in Second Grade is having a mystery giveaway!
2. Tara at 4th Grade Frolics is giving away three items from her TpT store!
3. Hope at 2nd Grade Shenanigans is giving away WHAT?! Her WHOLE store?! Why am I blogging about this, lessening my chances!

These ladies always have great ideas and thoughts that they share. Go follow them!


  1. I totally agree with the PB&J... Unfortunately, my husband totally disagrees. He does however agree that it is a nice snack! :-) I am your newest follower!

    First Grade Delight

  2. Thanks for the shout out!!! I'm a new follower! I'm a little embarrassed to admit, I had to google the first state--yea, I teach social studies, but thankfully we focus on our state and community! :)

    Thanks again!

    Live Laugh and Love to Learn

  3. Hi Meghan:
    Sharpening the carrots!! After 30 years, a lot of things have been sharpened in my room. Carrots have not been among them. Let's keep this between us, because I am SURE if they knew that carrots were a possibility, they would all like to try it!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  4. The carrot thing is making me chuckle...ah kids. I'm your newest follower.

  5. carrots give you SHARP eyesight if you eat them... YUCK!!! and I can't get mad or snicker at you we share the SAME name!!! :) thanks for linking up... I always get a little smile when I see it is the other Meghan :)

  6. I hate those handheld pencil sharpeners. Ugh!!

    Thanks for following my site!!! :)

  7. Meghan...thanks for following and I am definitely following you, too! I LOVE your blog and your carrot sharpeners ...those little devil sharpeners are outlawed in my room, too. Ahh...just thinking of the mess, the smudges...they make me shudder. Anywaysss....thanks for stopping by. You are doing great, keep it up!


    2nd Grade Paradise

  8. Sharpening carrots!!! That is funny but definitely I would not laugh if it was my class!!

    And I laughed when I read that your kids have your back. I always tell people that there is no loyalty in my room. It doesn't matter if Bobby is your bestest best friend ever - if he is chewing gum, you tell on him!!! So funny.

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  9. That is toooooo funny! I am also glad to see someone else who "bans" things from their room....those handheld pencil sharpeners always seem to fall apart and dump everything all over the floor RIGHT.ON.THE.WAY.TO.THE.BUS!! Then I'm left picking up the shavings by myself so that my custodian {who is too good to me} doesn't get mad at me!!! Never fails, so they are banned!
    Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!

  10. Hey girl! Don't worry about numbers, we all gotta start somewhere, right? Glad to have found your blog, I'm a new follower!:)