Saturday, March 10, 2012

I'm back!

I'm posting again. Maybe I'm back in blogging business!

I hope that some of you will get some use out of my freebie. Like I said, I'm using it as a brainstorming piece. Once we conference and decide which will be the best topic, they will fill out the more specific graphic organizer.

So I was observed on Friday. Let's just say it could have gone better. My usual suspects were being ridiculous. Not doing what I asked them to do, whining, playing with their manipulatives, etc. I was pretty much putting out fires the entire lesson. On top of this, it was a new concept [equivalent fractions], so of course there was going to be a little bit of confusion. My post-observation meeting is on Monday, and I'm sure we will talk about everything. I was hesitating on even posting about this, but I think it's important. Everyone knows I have a handful this year, and I just hope that my administration knows that I do my best everyday, and that, honestly, teaching is my top priority. I live an hour from my friends and family, I don't have a family of my own just yet. Teaching is my life [for better or for worse]. I give 110%.

Have you heard of Mr. Anker's Test? It is a website with test questions, broken down by grade, subject, topic, and even skill within a topic. I've been using it to supply an element of "test prep" with each skill we're passing. My students get their white board and their dry erase markers, and work a few problems. It has definitely been beneficial. Click the picture to see what I mean!


  1. I know how you feel! Thank you for sharing this great resource!

  2. Thanks for the link to Mr Anker's tests. That is perfect for my Core Plus Intervention group! It's so difficult when you have a challenging group of students, as it sounds like you do.