Thursday, August 29, 2013

Room Recess

I wanted to share a great resource with you all!

Let me start off by saying, I love reviewing products and resources that are made by fellow teachers. A while back, I reviewed THE pencil sharpener. Now, I'm reviewing a website developed by a fellow third grade teacher, Brian King, and it also did not disappoint!

The website is called Room Recess, and it is full of free flash games for students to play. Most of the games are intended to be projected onto a Smartboard, which is perfect for my Smartboard math center. The site features both reading and math games for students K-5, and you can browse for games by grade or subject.

One game in particular that my class [and I!] enjoyed was Flash Card Race. The idea isn't anything new, but the features make it special. I will express my thoughts in pictures. =)

How you know he's a teacher: (1) I am all about teaching a game structure and being able to swap the content easily. With so many choices, you can use this game early in the year for addition/subtraction, middle of the year for multiplication/division, and the end of the year to review all operations. (2) The time delay in between is probably my favorite feature. You can set it so students have time to get out of the way for the next person on the team to go. This cuts down on pushing, friends! (3) If two students are playing, they can type their names. If there are two teams, they can come up with a team name. This can hook even the most reluctant mathematicians.  (4) Okay, maybe this is my favorite feature! You can choose how long the game will go on by setting the winning score. So if you only have a few minutes, set it so the first team to answer 5 correct wins. Have a bit longer? First person to 15! 

This is what the actual game looks like:

I love that games aren't just for inside recess anymore. You can find games that align to your curriculum and/or standards, and they really boost student engagement. I urge you to browse the rest of the games!

Have you tried this website? What games did you enjoy?

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