Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Teacher Week: Monday!

It's Teacher Week!

1. We'll start with some GREAT news! My boyfriend got a new job this week, and he will be moving in with me in the first state! We are super excited. However, I've had to start making room for him. Have you ever heard of the show "Make Room For Baby?" Well, there should be a show called Make Room for Boyfriend. Let's just say that Goodwill is getting a large donation this month. It may have been easier to just find a bigger apartment.

2. I love going to baseball games! Of course, the Phillies are my favorite to watch, but I like seeing other teams and minor league games, as well. Tonight, my dad & I went to a Wilmington Blue Rocks game. They are a single A team for the KC Royals. We go to a Blue Rocks game every summer. Wilmington is only about 15-20 minutes south of where I grew up / where my dad still lives, so its a cheap, convenient, dad-daughter event.

3. I've always been excited to live on my own and decorate my own space. I mean, I lived on my own in college, but I decorated my room with sorority paraphernalia and posters. However, I've lived on my own in the first state for about five years now, and my apartment is still not really decorated. I'm not sure if I'm lazy or noncommittal in terms of decor. Hm! I gotta step up my game.

4. Candy Crush is the bane of my existence. I'm on level 214 or something ridiculous like that. I usually pick up random hobbies during the summer that don't make it through the school year, though!

5. I'm almost finished my graduate program in school counseling! Just a summer class to finish, two more courses in the fall, and 100 practicum hours in the spring. I'm so excited to be finished! I'm not sure that I want to immediately leave the classroom and start applying for jobs, but I love that I'll have the option.

6. I've spent all five years of my teacher career in the same school. Technically, the only grade that I've ever taught is third. My first year, I taught K-3 writing as a special. Before I leave the classroom, I really want to teach big kids! Middle school math, to be exact. I'm such a math nerd, and I would love to share that with older kids. I would love the challenge of managing a middle school classroom.

7. I'm a huge country music fan! I grew up outside of Philly, and growing up, I liked typical pop music. Then, I went to college in the sticks, and country music came into my life. There's nothing like a country ballad!

8. This summer, I've spent a lot of time on the road. I split my time between my apartment (in DE), my dad's house (PA), and my boyfriend's house (NJ). Whenever I'm going anywhere, I have to stop at Wawa and get my "road smoothie." I get the Superfruit smoothie with yogurt, no whip cream. Obsessed. Can't drive without it!

9. I've posted before about how I foster animals [click here for some fur baby pictures!]. I took a break from fostering because I started dating my new boyfriend who lived in NJ, meaning that I spent many weekends not at home. Well, I'm going to start fostering again, starting with this little big lady:

This is Mona Lisa! I just call her Mona. She was named that because she is just so beautiful! She's at my mom's house right now, and I'll be getting her sometime next week. She's been in foster care for about a year with my mom, but my mom has been taking litters of kittens and dogs, so I'm going to take over for Mona. I love this baby girl!

10. I'm at my dad's house for the night, and I was told it was time to clean out my childhood bedroom. Ouch, I guess he's officially kicking me to the curb. I spent last night reading through notes that I kept from middle school. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry at how ridiculous my friends & I sound. It is so funny to remember what was important to me back then!


Like a lot of people, I won't be able to link up tomorrow. Staff isn't officially back until Monday. I'm going in Wednesday with my team teacher, but it won't be picture ready for another week!

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