Friday, February 3, 2012

Freebie Friday

Think back to two posts ago, A Plea. I was at the end of my rope. I took a sick day on Wednesday. I woke up and felt awful. Like, drained. And since I never take off & have a ton of days, I took a sick day. This means my friends had a sub. Well, my sub was apparently an old administrator in the district. I'm new to the area/district, so I had no background knowledge on him. Let's just say that he means business! He was apparently surprised by the group of naughty boys in my room, as well.

Anyway, onto my thankfulness. I came back to work Thursday well rested and ready to power through the rest of the week. I had a data meeting with my administrators during my planning period. I am SO thankful for them. They did something for me that they didn't have to do. They could have just said well, everyone has tough classes, you're doing fine, keep at it. No, they actively did something to help me. Along they same lines, they let me know that I'm doing well, take my opinions/thoughts into consideration, and just listen. I am VERY hard on myself, and they know that. And after talking to them, it just reminds me how lucky I am to have found this fit. Because if I were in a more hostile environment with even MORE pressure, I surely would have cracked by now. This paragraph was sort of vague, and I apologize, but I don't want to go into too much detail.

Now, onto other things. I'm sure you've heard that heaven gained a wonderful teacher, Pam of Vintage Teacher. I followed her blog very early on in my blogging adventures. In her honor, tons of bloggers are offering freebies, as Freebie Fridays were important to Pam! To learn more about her, visit her blog.


So here is my freebie! It is a simple division packet to guide thinking. For RTI, we do a station for 6 days, and this is what I use for my first three days. It includes a frayer model [holla for graphic organizers], and it integrates literature in with math, through the story The Doorbell Rang. Lastly, it allows for creativity when the students get to think of their own "The Doorbell Rang" scenerio! Check out my freebie by clicking below!

While you're there, check out my fractions product. It is currently my only product for sale. And someone bought it! How exciting!

Lastly, check out these giveaways going on. I haven't entered many in a while. Too busy. =(

Reagan is giving away her daily warm ups!

Deb is giving away an Amazon Giftcard!

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