Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Area & Perimeter

We all know it. I love math! One of my favorite third grade topics to teach is area/perimeter. There are so many fun and engaging activities to go along with the concept.

I'm adding to my collection of task cards with a set for Area and Perimeter! I already have task card sets for Multiplication/Division [free], Addition/Subtraction, and Fractions. This set was fun to make! They are colorful, and they cover all of the third grade Common Core standards pertaining to area and perimeter.

The product includes 20 cards. 1-15 are moderate level, whereas 16-20 require deeper thinking or more than one step. Also included is a recording sheet, making it so easy for you to set up in your classroom! Besides the mult/division cards that are free, each set is $1.50. [For the record, I never really saw myself selling on TPT, but I love doing this kind of review in my classroom and thought others might, too.]

Click either preview below to visit my TPT store and check them out!

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