Thursday, July 11, 2013

Researching Careers

Good morning, all!

Last year, I wrote a post about how I conducted an animal research project in room 144. This year, my third graders conducted another research project, inspired by my current pursuit of a graduate degree in school counseling!

Let me reiterate that I love research projects. I seriously can't get enough. I'd do them all day long if I could. They are so engaging, and they really motivate kids to just write!

Anyway, this year, I guided my students through interest inventories, class discussions, graphic organizers, and the writing process, all in hopes of writing an informational essay on their potential future career! 

Like teachers, school counselors have standards that they must meet. Career development is a huge chunk [a third, actually] of those standards. If you're interested, here is a PDF of ASCA's counseling standards.

My students loved every minute of it, and their final products were out of this world. I made their essays into a class book to send home with them at the end of the year. I don't know if any of my babies will be pilots, lawyers, teachers, or journalists, but now they have a better idea of what it takes to attain careers, along with specific information about them.

With that being said, I compiled all of the aspects of my project into a TPT product for you, if you are interested.  For just $5.00, you will receive a 26 pg. writing project that can be used from grades 3 [with support!] up to grades 5-6 [independently!]. As you can see in the graphic, it is aligned with third grade, common core writing standards, and it includes lesson plans, activating activities, tons of graphic organizers, final draft paper, and optional extension activities with rubrics.

Before I put it on flash freebie (!!) and sale, I'd love it if one or two of my upper elementary [3-5ish] or even middle school friends could look it over for me. I originally had all of this in Word when I used it in my classroom, and I did lots of copy/pasting into Powerpoint for TPT. I want to make sure nothing was lost in the process! 

The first two people who comment with their email address can look it over, then receive a free copy if there are any changes that need to be made. I'd really appreciate any volunteers! =)

Update: Thank you Ursula, Kathy, and Melinda! They are currently looking over my product, and I hope to have it ready to go soon! =)


  1. I'd be happy to look it over for you. It sounds like a great plan!!!

  2. I'll be glad to check it over. Sounds fabulous!

    KS and her Kids

  3. I'd love the check it out! Sounds wonderful!!
    Thanks, Melanie