Sunday, July 21, 2013

Birthday Sale!

Hey everyone! I'm about to go and celebrate my birthday at the Jersey Shore tomorrow! I am in a completely different place this year than I was last year, and in a very good way! So to celebrate and thank my readers, I'm revisiting an old freebie and having a sale!

frame & image: 3am Teacher
My store [which is only 7 paid products, but that's okay!] is being marked down 20%! See what I did there? Decomposed 27. See, I even do some math in the sweet summer time! Click the image above to visit my store, where you can find these products! And check out some free products, too! The sale will run until Wednesday!

And as a freebie, feel free to download my birthday balloons that I created! Click the picture below for the template or revisit my post here! If you download, I'd really appreciate if you followed my blog! =)

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