Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ten Pin Linky & a Giveaway

I'm linking up with Just Reed for her ten pin linky party.

I've love stealing seeing everyone's pins!

This week is science and social studies related. With science, I don't have much flexibility in what I do. We get three FOSS kits, human body, earth materials, and water. I barely have time to get through those lessons, let alone supplement with other things. With social studies, we have a little more wiggle room. We touch on communities around the world and map skills. As I've said before, I take the lead in science, while my partner takes the lead in social studies, so I have way more science pins.

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I'm a pinning machine!

1. I don't do anything involving animal tracks, but this is so creative. I'm sure I can figure out a way to incorporate this! [Original Source: Still Parenting]

2. Our first kit of the year is human body. Our kids don't have to memorize all of the bones in the body, but we do make sure that they can identify around ten of them, such as the skull, femur, ribs, etc. This graphic is awesome, as it may help some more visual students in memorization. [Original Source: I Waste So Much]

3. Another great visual for older students! As a project, students could make up a game using these cards. Love it! [Original Source: Buzz Feed]

4. We teach figurative language. We teach human body. Love it! [Original Source: Mark Aaron TPT]

5. This pin makes me wish that I taught constellations. [Original Source: Nature Watch]

6. And this one makes me wish I taught animal adaptations. [Original Source: Ashleigh's Education Journey]

7. When teaching earth materials, we talk about properties of minerals. This is a great visual from another blogger. [Original Source: Nyla's Crafty Teaching]

8. At this site, you can look up any issue of the New York Times. How neat to go back and see authentic news source of historical events. [Original Source: New York Times]

9. This pin says it is spam, but it is a mummification of barbie dolls. The picture is great, and I'm sure you could find directions somewhere! I studied this in high school and would have loved doing something like this!

10. This is another great source for research. Learn more about our nation's national parks! [Original Source: Girl Scouts]


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Talk soon!

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