Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ten Pin Linky: Back to School

I had a wonderful birthday down the shore! No pictures [of course], but there was late night frolicking on the beach, yummy indulgences, and quality time with the boy! This year is going to bring great things, I can feel it!

I'm glad a few people were able to take advantage of my birthday sale at my TPT store. [Things are on sale for another half an hour if you're interested.] I have a product that I plan to have finished in the next couple weeks that I'm really excited about. I can't wait to share it with you. I've also reached 100 TPT followers. SO unexpected. Thank you!

Anyone else taking graduate classes this summer? Ugh. I have a 12 page paper with my name on it that is due Sunday that has to do with running a small group counseling session. Fun, right? But I'm happy that I was able to take twice as many classes this summer. Because of that, I'll be able to be elementary certified in the spring and secondary certified in the fall!

I'm linking up with Ashley at Just Reed for her linky. I wish I didn't miss half of these. They are fun! Thank you for hosting all summer, Ashley! At the moment, it'll take my mind off of the fact that the Phillies are embarrassing themselves against the Cardinals. Gr.

1. I hate when the original crayon boxes get gross and fall apart. This is a great solution! I have 24 containers ready to go for the year from the dollar store [2 for $1]. I will show you when I get around to putting together my table buckets! [Source: Miss Squirrels]

2. Amazing printable brochures that I will share with families at back to school night. Take a minute and browse. You might find a few that you'd like to share with your whole class or maybe with a certain family. [Source: Jim Trelease]

3. I love doing math by the numbers during the first week of school! First, I model my own. Then, I have my students choose their numbers. Before they decorate, I call each student up to the front, and they share one of their numbers, but they do not tell the class what the number represents. The class has to guess! It's fun, informative, and lets personality shine! [Source: Mr. Auerfeld]

4. I have a bazillion of those little dots. This would be a cute way to use them! [Source: Ginger Snaps]

5. This year, I'd love to do a writing piece about the students' names. I've wanted to do it the past few years, but I've never gotten around to it. I love this idea, so I need to adapt it for my third graders! [Source: Crazy for First Grade]

6. How cute is this poem? I wish I could send postcards or letters home to my students before school starts, but my class lists always changes up until the very last minute, so I've always been wary. I'll give this out on meet & greet day, which is the Friday before school starts! [Source: Our lovely hostess! Ashley Reed]

7. I've done this for the past couple of years. I better start collecting post its! [Source: Mrs. Robinson]

8. I've done this for the past couple of years, too! I made my own template that I'll have to share if I haven't already. I draw the large circles on the paper and lay them around the room. Students find a partner, and they lay out their cards in the appropriate way. When I call time, they find another partner and do the same. On the third partner, they do the glueing. The extra few steps lets us get to know each other better! [Source: Third Grade Thinkers]

9. I've done this, too! Wow, it seems I actually use the pins that I find for back to school. Not always the case! A free smartboard activity. Great for the first day! [Source: Gena M.]

10. This last one is a freebie from my blog. It is the back to school activity that I blogged about last week. I can't wait to try it out. Check out this book! [Source: Me!]

I hope that you found some new ideas for your back to school endeavors! Teachers return August 19th, and the kids return a week later. Let the panic start... now! When do you all go back to school?


  1. Going to try the balloon pop! Thanks for sharing!

    Sprinkles For the Teacher

  2. Thanks for sharing! Those parent brochures are awesome!!

    Koonce’s Korner

  3. I love the venn diagram get to know you activity. Looks like a good one!

    Teach on a Limb

  4. Love the parent brochures! I'm your newest follower!