Saturday, January 14, 2012


Hey all.

So, I'm freezing.

We've been SO spoiled around here in regards to the weather. Now that its in the thirties in the middle of the day, I can't stop complaining about it. And I refuse to leave my apartment. But I need to go food shopping. It's like Sophie's Choice.

Anyway, thank you to Kelly at Fabulous in Fourth for awarding me with the Versatile Blog award. I actually just received this award, but no one would know it because I have to figure out how to put it in my sidebar. But as soon as I post this, I'm going to go figure it out. So thanks Kelly! & click HERE for my response to that award!

Reminder that there is just over 24 hours left in my giveaway. $25 to TPT! And there are only 25 entries right now! Click HERE to enter!

Some more giveaways to check out as well!

Chrissy at Buzzing with Ms. B is giving away a valentine's day product!
Growing up Teaching is having a giveaway that ends tomorrow. HURRY!
Made in the Shade in 2nd grade is giving away a giftcard!

So, I'm going to get back to watching HIMYM reruns. I'm going to forewarn you that I plan on posting another freebie later [I'm on a roll!], so I'll be posting twice in a day. I honestly don't know why its such a big deal, especially if both posts are awesome [check].