Monday, January 23, 2012

Modge Podge.

No, not the crafty stuff. Just a modge podge of information in one post.

I have been completely MIA. Remember the impending sinus infection I blogged about? Well it hit me hard, but I taught through it. I had no choice. I feel like I've gotten nothing done curriculum-wise lately.

Pure drama in my room. I have a really tough group of boys this year. Last year I thought I had it bad. Ha! It's worse this year. On top of being sick, last week was rough. Hoping for a smooth start to this week tomorrow!

In other news, around this time every year, my principal hands out a "teacher interest" form so that she can get an idea of what everyone wants to do next year, which is great that she listens to our input! As my first choice, I said I'd like to go down to 2nd grade and hopefully loop. Well today, we had PD, and I wasn't in my third grade group for our stations. I was put with what looked like a second grade group, but with a couple of first grade teachers. So next year, it might be second grade in the first state? We shall see. My work BFF looped last year, and while she had a few tough kiddos, she saw SO much growth. I'm excited to see what next year will bring. It will be my first year as an "experienced" teacher in the eyes of the state!

Sooo, that's it. Felt the need to check in. Gotta get ready for the Bachelor, since I can't record it [still hating comcast]. SO mad I never got to watch last week's episode because of this whole debacle!!

PS. Nooooooo!  Now HEIDI AND SEAL? I'm so sad.


  1. I'm supposed to loop with my kids next year (actually my whole grade level is supposed to loop up. A piece of me is excited about it because I'll be back to my beloved fourth grade, but a piece of me is traumatized every time I pick my kids up after lunch and see my future.

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  2. I've had groups I totally loved looping with and others that I thought would make me quit if I had to do that for another year, so it's good in lots of ways, but can be bad depending on the class/year, But I do teach special education! Glad I found your blog!

  3. I hope you get your wish for next year! I tagged you in a post...come check it out! :)

    Living A Wonderful Life