Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Big News, people!

It's official! I have a TPT store!

It is fully stocked [with one item!]

SO, in celebration--> You can get a bonus entry in my giveaway by following my TPT store! Let's get that followers number above 0! This probably sounds SO lame to the people who have stores and sell stuff and make actual money from it. Hopefully I'll get there!

My giveaway that is going on is for $25 to Teachers Pay Teachers! I know I'd love to win that, so hopefully you do, too! GO ENTER! There are less than 15 entries right now. I'm no mathematician [welll, kinda], but your odds are pretty good, right!?

Sorry I'm hopping all over the place in this post!

Back to my freebie! The item I just posted is a set of task cards for third graders to practice multiplication and division skills. Each card hits on a different skill or application of a skill. I would SUPER DOOPER appreciate it if you lovely followers of mine could go take a look at it, even if you don't plan on using it. Just because it's my first document, I'd really benefit from feedback about the description, the document itself, etc. I know we are all crazy busy, but if you have a sec I'd totally appreciate it!!

The freebie includes 10 cards and a recording sheet.

a preview of one of ten cards

***ANOTHER QUESTION: How do you make the cute little graphics so that people can kind of preview your freebie. Ya know, with like tiny images of the pages?

So to summarize this post [oh learning focused strategies, how you've taken over my life!]
1. Check out my freebie at my TPT store by clicking HERE!
2. Enter my give away by clicking HERE. It ends on Sunday!
3. Earn a bonus entry by following my TPT store & commenting about it!


  1. Just downloaded your freebie. Great job! I rated you, too.

    I'll also make this comment on your giveaway page for a chance to win...

    Fun in Room 4B

  2. Sweet freebie! Thanks so much...these are awesome and I'll definitely use them in my class!

    As far as the preview thing, I think I saw someone say they used powerpoint. What kind of computer do you use? I have a computer that uses Windows 7 and there's a Snipping Tool that you can use to select an image on your screen. Then, you can paste the image into any program (like ppt). Hope that helps!

    Living A Wonderful Life

  3. Thanks for the freebie and congrats on your store!

    I used powerpoint. But it's a series of steps - let me try to describe them!! (There's probably a WAAAAAY simpler and better way, but this is what I do. Well, I know of one simpler way but I don't like the quality of the image)

    I'm on a mac. It's possible this is slightly different for a PC. Or very different. Not sure!
    1. Save your file as a pdf.
    2. Open it to where you can see the page viewer on the side - there should be a preview of each page down the side.
    3. Make a folder; doesn't matter where - mine is in my "Blogging" file and it's called "making preview gifs"
    4. Drag each page from the preview on the side and drop it in the folder. Now you should have little graphics of each page in a folder!
    5. Now open powerpoint.
    6. You can put a background if you want.
    6. Open each graphic, and copy it, pasting them one at a time onto your powerpoint document.
    7. Here you can do two things:
    a. Save as jpeg.
    OR, b, the better option in terms of quality:
    b. Save as pdf.
    Then open it in whatever application will let you save as gif. I use Preview - can't remember what the PC equivalent would be. Been too long on a mac:)
    Save it as a gif. Ta-da! 7 (plus a or b) steps later- a cute little preview image!

    Now you don't want to do it anymore, huh.
    Somebody's probably going to post after this and say "Oh, you just open powerpoint and click here. Done."

  4. Hey! Thanks for the moral support today - sometimes blogging buddies are exactly what you need to pack your lunch, choose your clothes, and set your alarm for the next day! :) Thanks

  5. Congrats! Me too.
    I also nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award.
    Learn with ME in Grade Three