Friday, August 12, 2011

Class List!

Isn't seeing your class list for the first time just awesome?! I have 18 21 wonderful faces so far, with a few changes to be made before the beginning of the year I'm sure.

I first met this particular batch of students my first year of teaching. They were first graders, and I was hired late as a Writing Teacher. Like art, music, and computers, they tried to make writing a special. So I'm familiar with most of my students before they walk in my door. On top of that, second and third grade share a hallway, so I saw these little guys every day last year. I'm overly friendly and try to make a connection with everyone in the school, whether I know them or not. Let me just say that this particular group looks great. Amazingly, there are no red flags as far as behavior problems! Last year, I had quite a few boys who gave me a run for my money, so this is a welcomed break! I do, however, have a lot of interesting family situations and some low-leveled readers. I can't wait to dive into this year and make these kids feel loved and supported.

There are only two names on the list I don't recognize, and I consulted my yearbook, so they must be new students to the school. You better believe I'll be stalking eSchool to see if my list changes in the coming week! School is in the air!

I'm stopping into my room [before I'm allowed!] on Monday to drop off a bunch of stuff. It looks like I'm living out of my car, so I got early permission from my principal to unload it in my room, but not set anything up just yet. We are allowed to go in beginning Wednesday, so expect pictures and progress!

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