Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Day! Not even Irene can stop us!

Well, this was QUITE the eventful weekend. I'm in Delaware, so we got slammed by that silly girl Irene. Thankfully no damage to my apartment or anything. I have school tomorrow, which means everything must be fine there, too. That surprises me though, because our roof leaks with a spring shower. I'll be interested to see what I'm walking into tomorrow!

Tomorrow! My first day with the kiddos! I saw about half of them on Friday, on which we had a "Meet The Teacher" event during the day. As I said previously, I know all but 3 of my students, as I taught a "special" my first year in the district. So I had these babies when they were shrimpy first graders! Anyway, I saw half of them on Friday, and my oh my, I'm going to have my hands full! A bunch of chatter boxes! Aren't kids supposed to clam up when they're with their parents? That was my experience last year. Well, these kids were bouncing off the walls! But I'm super excited. I have such a sweet bunch, and I can't wait to get started with them this year!

I'm doing the usual first day stuff tomorrow. I'm going to use a great idea I found on Third Grade Thinkers. Click that link to see a picture! Students will make a venn diagram comparing themselves to each other. Before that, they will need to fill out and illustrate the worksheet that includes things like their favorite sport, favorite special, etc. I modified the one included on that blog a bit. I included "The School I Attend" as one, so that I can ensure that everyone will have at least one thing in common!

Anyway, I hope to update this week! Good luck to everyone starting this week!

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