Sunday, August 14, 2011

Common Core Resource

Who out there uses the new Common Core Standards? Last year, my district began phasing them in. I was chosen to be the school's trainer for the Language Arts section [as a second year teacher, YIKES!] But after this year of phasing them in, I feel completely comfortable in aligning them with my lessons. I feel that they are much more user friendly than our current state standards.

With that being said, they are still new, so limited resources are available that have been proven effective. Ashleigh, at Ashleigh's Education Journey, has made a set of the 3rd grade common core standards that can be posted in your room. They are cute and student friendly! You can download her set for 10 dollars at TpT! The link is on her blog. She found the idea from another teacher who developed sets for K-2. The link for those products is also on her blog. For the record, I've never bought anything from TpT, but I feel like this is SO worth it. I'm excited to show my administrators this great tool that will go above & beyond posting essential questions!

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