Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet The Teacher Monday!

I'm linking up [with many others!] at Blog Hoppin'!, and it is MEET THE TEACHER MONDAY! I'm surprised I have the energy to do this. Today was my first day back [just staff]. So overwhelmed! So this is just the thing I need to take my mind off of it! =)

Tell us something about you!

Hellooo! My name is Meg! I'm in my mid-twenties, and I teach in the first state. I'm originally from right outside of Philadelphia and went to school at Lock Haven University. I love animals & chocolate. I love reality TV, such as the Bachelor/ette, Teen Mom, Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, etc. I also love crime dramas, mostly Criminal Minds, SVU, and Flashpoint! I'm a huge country music fan. I love reading magazines, especially Cosmo and Glamour! I'm certified to teach K-6, as well as 7-9 Middle School Math and Middle School English. I really wanted to keep my options open! I minored in Psychology because I eventually want to become a Guidance Counselor. Below is my boyfriend & myself. He just helped me cut out all of the laminated stuff I brought home, so I'll keep him around! =)

How long have you been teaching?

I've been teaching for three years. I started out as a Writing Teacher for K-3. I did that for one year, then I was moved to 3rd grade, where I am now. I looove the content that I teach!

You might not know...

I volunteer with two animal rescues, Paws of Tomorrow and Purrfect Haven Cat Rescue. Through these rescues, I foster animals until they can find a home! I'm very passionate about animals! Spay, neuter, and microchip your pets! Don't shop, adopt! Here's my current foster pup, Newton! He's a dachshund/chihuahua/terrier mix & up for adoption. He HATES that mommy went back to work. Now we can't play all day! =(

Another big part of my life is Zeta Tau Alpha! I was a very active sister. It was my life in college. I held many executive positions, but most importantly I was VP2 of Education (Pledge Mom), and I LOVED teaching our new members about the history of our sorority and leading them through their pledging semester. I went about and beyond [of course, I'm a teacher!], making games and powerpoints to make the information more interesting! We raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness, a cause I still support and donate to!

What are you most looking forward to this school year?

Hm.. I'm looking forward to being comfortable with the content I'm teaching! Tons of stuff changes every year, but I'm excited for my second go-around in this grade level. Annnd, I can't wait to see my kiddos on Monday! I had some of these guys when they were first graders & I was the writing teacher. So they know what they're getting into!

What do you need to improve?

Organization and documentation! Like many teachers, I do whatever it takes to get my content/standards across to my students. But as far as RTI, we need to document everything! Yikes! I need to find something that works for me, and I've yet to find it! [Suggestions welcome!] I want to do a better job this year of saving my lesson plans and ideas and worksheets and graphic organizers!

What teaching supplies can you not live without?

Oh goodness, let's see! Plastic bins from the dollar store, my label maker, large iced coffees with skim and splenda, plastic sleeves for dry erase practice, and my work BFF.


Can you tell I was losing steam at the end? I'm beat, it's time for bed! Good luck to everyone who starts school this week!

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