Thursday, August 18, 2011


I went into my classroom today. Yikes. Does anyone else get a HUGE pit in their stomachs when entering a disaster like this? I was going to take pictures, but I decided against it. Use your imaginations. It was chaos! I got a little bit sorted out. Going back in tomorrow to continue. We technically aren't back until Monday, but we were allowed to get a jump on things. I wanted to print out a bunch of stuff, but our computer lab color printer wasn't hooked up yet. And, well, I'm not great with wires. When there are too many, I get flustered. So I guess I'll leave that for next week.

Also, I'm posting at 1:45am. Night owl much? I hate mornings. For this reason, my boyfriend calls me Garfield. Also because I like lasagna. But I digress. I'm really going to need to get back onto a schedule. But I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen until Monday morning. Oh well.

Going back into school tomorrow to continue setting up. My goal is to laminate like its going out of style and get my hallway bulletin board finished. I hear a lot of people aren't coming in, so I can definitely hog the laminator!

Oh & I changed up my blog a little. That first layout was just to get me started. Found this cute new layout, but I'd love to figure out how to customize it a little more. For example, I'd like to change the size of headers & things like that. I guess I'll add that to my to do list!

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