Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teacher Talk Tues... oh wait, we had an earthquake.

Sorry, but this will be a dual-purpose post.

If you read my last post, you'll see that I teach in DE. Central Delaware to be exact. We had time to work in our classrooms, and let me tell you, I was feeling SO productive. People kept coming in and saying how far along my room was! Whoop! All of a sudden, stuff was shaking. Seriously, that's what I was thinking. Why is everything shaking? Before I knew it, it was over, and everyone was out in the hallway. I became extremely disoriented and sick to my stomach. We heard it was an earthquake which was centered in Virginia. My co-workers were calling home and daycares to make sure everything was okay with their families. I was just worried about my poor Newton [foster pup, see last post!! He was in a crate at home all by himself! And I know animals bug out when earth-related events happen.

Long story short, everyone & everything is fine. Except my stomach and head. I felt like crap the rest of the day, so I came home and slept from 6-8. Now here I am, trying to get stuff done for tomorrow! I thank goodness that the kids weren't in school. Its not like Delaware is earthquake central, so we absolutely did not have a plan. I bet we will have one tomorrow, though.

NOW! Onto Blog Hoppin'!

I am only a third year teacher, but here are a few gems I've picked up along the way! Take 'em or leave 'em!

1. Your ideas matter!
We adopted a new "program", Learning Focused Strategies. Beginning last year, we needed our lesson plans in a new format. I made a template that I use on the regular. It works for me. When getting evaluated, my administration loved my template and passed it out to my co-workers! Just because I'm on the newer side, doesn't mean your ideas are silly or sub-par!

2. Get your kids to help with housekeeping!
I "train" my kiddos to change the job chart, fix the library, check off homework, check for planner signatures, turn technology on/off. These little things will save you time and headache! Trust them and let them take some ownership in the classroom [start with small tasks!] It is OUR learning space!

3. Don't feel like you have to try everything!
In short, change/fix one aspect of your day at a time. If you implement math centers, reading centers, morning meeting, etc all in one week, you and your kids will be left spinning! I'm implementing reading centers this year. I'd LOVE to do math centers, too, but I'm going to hold off until I'm comfortable.

4. Ask for help!
I'm usually nervous to ask for help, for fear of seeming incompetent. However, I was struggling with reading last year. We have Reading Street as a resource, but we are more than encouraged to come up with our own stuff using other resources. I was lost. Math is my strong suit! I asked for some guidance from my principal. I got guidance AND praise.

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  1. Um, they evacuated schools in Greenville, SC because SOME people felt something. lol I, on the other hand, felt nothing and neither did any of my kids. But you are right, there probably will be a plan tomorrow! The funny thing about this is that we practice earthquake drills like once a year and they always tell us to get under our desks. There were schools in my district that evacuated the building. I was confused because I thought, "Why would you want to be walking through the hallway all exposed to falling debris." Anyway, just thought that was funny.

    And I totally agree with number 2!!