Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Classroom Rules

Quick post. Today was our second day of school. Yesterday we did tons of activities to get to know each other and tons of housekeeping stuff. We did the venn diagram activity, and I can't wait to post pictures of how they turned out!

Anyway, since we've spent over a day in the classroom, I felt we were ready to write down our rules. We have school wide rules that everyone follows, but of course, every classroom should have their own. I ask for suggestions, assuming that they will all pull something from our "Pledge" that states all of our rules. I call on one of my sweet, but "tough", boys. I ask him for his idea. His idea for the number one rule in the classroom?

"We need to take care of each other."

Oh my. I had tears in my eyes. Funny how little things like that get me. But it was such a precious idea, and I'm glad that I'm already well on my way to have a safe and supportive learning community for my students.

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